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I am an intuitive and clarity coach, ancestral healer, a mom of two awesome kids, wife to an amazing husband, and a whole neurodivergent Black woman who is magical and talented, multifaceted navigating the world in which we live, giving insight and wisdom along the way. It's good over here; join us. I have offerings, and links and STUFF. Come on over here and enjoy the journey.

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Did you get Valentine's Day cards yet?

This Week According to Classy... Top things important in my world this week/month... How are you this fine… Black History Month/ Superbowl Sunday/ Valen-Galentine/ Mardi Gras month?... (did I get all the things?)I did a thing. AGAIN.Unlike years past, I'm early (some might say barely on time...) and by the end of the year, I’ll be a lot better.Anyways… I made some Black History Facts Valentine's Day Printable Cards. $12.00 2024 Edition of Cute Black History Facts Valentines' Cards Black...

Reader I just sent out an email with a bunch of links that click for me but don't for you. You know my relationship with technology is sketchy, but it's cool. Here is the whole list . I'm linking a PDF version with clickable links. Loop earbuds.pdf Thank You for Understanding, Classy