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Did you get Valentine's Day cards yet?

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This Week According to Classy...

Top things important in my world this week/month...

How are you this fine… Black History Month/ Superbowl Sunday/ Valen-Galentine/ Mardi Gras month?... (did I get all the things?)

I did a thing. AGAIN.
Unlike years past, I'm early (some might say barely on time...) and by the end of the year, I’ll be a lot better.
Anyways… I made some Black History Facts Valentine's Day Printable Cards.


2024 Edition of Cute Black History Facts Valentines' Cards

Black History IS American History!
Downloadable PDF's that are:
8 different colorful cards4 cards to each page ... Read more

This is always a labor of love. Our Black History Fact Valentine Cards are not only a testament to love but also an homage to the remarkable contributions of Black historical figures. With each card, discover a story, a legacy, and a lesson in resilience and courage.

Celebrate love, legacy, and history this Valentine's Day.

My kids’ school has no BHM programming or curriculum.

Sigh. Whatevs.

It JUST wasn’t my mantle to take up this year. But…we gon pass out these cute cards and have a great day.

Ancestral Healing

I did a year-long training program to become an Ancestral Guide.

Anyway... back to the Cards...

I'm not " Last minute Linda" this year. So before it's too late and you are scrambling...Do it now, so you can print them out and have them ready.

Also, you can be the reason someone learns something new and feels loved this February.

And hey...Let me know what you think, and feel free to pass this email along to others who might enjoy them too!

2024 Edition of Cute Black History Facts Valentines' Cards


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